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Whip Cream Tits

Posted by ethniclover

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Watch Cierra & Layla lick whip cream off their boobs.

Taking a look at these two delicious Latina models you would think they would always be breaking out the cream and smearing it all over each other. Thanks to La Zona Modelos both of these whip cream tits are covered with the white treat and they are enjoying licking it off each others tits. Just imagine if you were in the room where they filmed this and you could watch both of these topless and beautiful chicas going to town on each other. One babe has huge fake knockers while the other one has natural and much smaller boobs. It doesn’t take a genius to know that you would likely be clamoring for some attention from them and asking if you could join in on the good old white cream antics. All they are wearing are some panties, and those pieces of clothing don’t leave much to the imagination. You can download these four movie clips to your computer and watch these hotties slowly lick off the yummy cream and smile and make enduring female noises. Without a doubt you will be pining for even more of some tasty Latina treats getting all naughty with food on their body.


Take your pick, because these whip cream tits girls are both scrumptios enough to devour in one fell gulp. They don’t just put the white substance on their nipples and suck and lick it off but also do some kissing too. Who out there would not want to see these two babes kissing and therefore locking lips in a tangled lesbian affair? There two tongues pushing and twirling around one another, while their hands do some full body explorations. They also feed strawberrys to each other and gaze into their eyes as they take bitse and lick their lips. I think they really want to go down on each other and eat the whip cream off of their pussies, but we will have to save that for later. Maybe you will be the lucky one to go down on both of these hotties and taste their natural sweet spots.

Wet Latina Pussy Photos

Posted by ethniclover

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See Cierra's sweet pussy & soft nude body.

Have you ever dreamed of watching a short, thin, brown skin and extremely beautiful Latina take a shower? With the above picture gallery now is your chance to fulfill such a fantasy. The one and only South American hottie Cierra Spice has decided to have her photographed while she is in the shower and of course completely in the buff. Her wet Latina pussy gets even wetter as she sprays the hot water all over her hot box and everywhere else. Who wouldn’t want to peek into this shower stall while this spicy girl washed her amazing body? Taking a look at the photos it appears to me that the stall is large enough to accommodate another body or even a few more. Somehow I don’t think she would mind if you were to join her in this steamy situation. Just look at her cute little feet and big smile and you will be easily drawn into her world.

Take a close look at her amazing nude body when she disrobes to expose that sweet brown skin body. Her boobs are small and just enough to cup and give a massage to. Cierra’s little nipples are just waiting for your hand and mouth to explore and go crazy on. That tight little waist and the tan line that shoots down her hip and into her sweet little pussy is almost too much to handle. I can only imagine what the possibilites are that exist for exploring every inch of her young and supple female body. Without even seeing her wet Latina pussy photos you can begin to understand just how bonkers guys gor for her in her home country. When she walks down the street every male head must turn and lurid thoughts ensue. Once Cierra drops the towell she immediately begins to spray the water on her most sought after areas.

She sticks out her booty and sprays a bit of water before lifting up her leg and putting even more water down in the special area, namely her shaved and now very wet pussy. Can you imagine being in the shwer with her and watching her get all wet? She just might allow you to touch her soft skin and give her a massage or even better a blowjob. Her long black hair is sexy and those big dark eyes will drive you crazy. These exclusive Cierra photos are just a small example of the many more made available to her members. She loves to show off her body in sexual satisfying photos for all of her horny and well taken care of fans.